About us

Emily's Dangley BIts 

Has moved "around the corner"

Our new address is "31 Market Street Stourbridge"

Just 2 minutes walk from our old address.

Our telephone number is still 01384 370371.


Emilys is a family run business who have been piercing for almost two decades and are Local Authority Registered to carry out the business of Body Piercing.

In that time we have been featured in the London Times and performed a live Belly Button Piercing on Beacon Radio. Our shop is located in Stourbridge and have two full time Professional female Piercers, who have been with us from the start.

We pride ourselves over the fact of the last couple of decades our reputation has become second to none. We offer free consultation on all body piercings, to give you peace of mind and to make sure your happy with the piercing you require.

Over the years in our Stourbridge shop we have pierced people as young as 12 months old to people as old as 87 years old, we have pierced everything from children''s ears to the more extreme and exotic piercings in our Private Studio.

We provide a free aftercare service on all body piercings that have been performed by our Professional body piercing staff.

Our service also provides free aftercare sheets on how to look after you’re new piercing and the do’s and don’ts. 

Also included is free Monthly check-ups on all your body piercings for peace of mind and to check the piercing is being cared for in the right manner.

Unlike a lot of other sites who just stock and sell Body Jewellery, our professional body piercers know exactly what the customers need's are.Our aim is simple to provide you with a quick and hassle free Service, we are always here to help in any way possible just drop us an email if you have any questions or just phone.

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